Snider Engineering can design and create drawings for your small to mid sized commercial projects.  All designs and related documentation are based on the current edition of the International Building Code for the related field. Our areas of competence are:  

Structural Design:
  • Concrete
  • Structural Steel
  • Masonry
  • Wood Framing
  • Large Timbers
  • Steel Framing 

 Building Design and Planning:
  • General Layout and Elevations
  • Life Safety Requirements
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Emergency Exits and Egress Requirements
  • UL Rated Fire Walls and Fire Barrier Specification
  • Restroom Requirements

 Plumbing System Design:
  • Supply Line Sizing
  • Waste and Vent Line Sizing
  • Fixture Specification
  • Hot Water Heater Sizing and Specification
  • Indirect Waste Disposal (if applicable)

  HVAC and Mechanical System Design
  • Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
  • Ventilation Requirements
  • Heating and Cooling System Specification
  • Duct Design and Layout
  • Specialty Items (Exhaust Hoods, Paint Booths, etc.)
  • Gas Piping Sizing and Circuit Layout

These services are for new construction, up-fits, renovations, and additions.

Daycare in Walkertown, NC
Grading Company Shop and Office Near Walnut Cove, NC (under construction)
Apartment Complex Clubhouse in Greensboro, NC
Train Depot in Kernersville, NC (Restoration and Historical Preservation Project)

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