Snider Engineering can design and create drawings for your commercial swimming pool and/or spa projects.  All designs will be based on and comply with all requirements of the current edition of the “North Carolina Rules Governing Public Swimming Pools.”  All drawings will include:

  • Equipment Specification
  • Skimmer, Return, and Main Drain Layout
  • Pipe Sizing
  • Equipment Room Layout
  • Pool Capacity
  • Maximum Bather Loading
  • Required Filtration Rate
  • Stair and Hand Rail Details
  • Ladder Details
  • Pool Profile and Geometry
  • Pool Structural Details
  • Deck Layout
  • Required Depth Markers
  • Required Signage
  • Emergency and Safety Equipment Specifications
  • Sanitary Facility Requirements
  • Fencing Requirements and Details
  • Water Features

In addition to this, Snider Engineering can evaluate you existing pool to determine if it complies with the “Virginia Graeme Baker Act”.  If it does not, we will recommend the necessary course of action.  Once requirements are met, a letter will be issued certifying compliance.

Residence Inn - Concord, NC
Bordeaux Retreat - Jamestown, NC
Hampton Inn - Winston Salem, NC
Hilton Gardens - Winston Salem, NC
The Meadowlands - Wallburg, NC
Echota Resort - Boone, NC

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